Monday, August 24, 2015

                          Manman Reamers

                                         -Mr. Madhukar Gokhale
      A drill cannot be relied upon to produce a hole having sufficiently good quality of finish and accuracy for many purposes, and so, when accurate holes are required a reamer must be used for finishing to the size.

     The reamer does not originate a hole in the same way as drills do, but imparts the necessary smoothness, parallelism, roundness and accuracy in size to the previously drilled hole.

   Reaming will however not correct any errors which may be in the drilled hole regarding its position or direction because reamer merely follows previously drilled hole.

   We are manufacturing flexible reamers for last many years, off course, this development is in consultation with senior Ortho surgeons. Initially, I manufactured reamers using wires but these reamers failed because of unwinding of wires. Then I tried reamers with flat strips. We have taken care that reamers will not unwind on changing the direction.

    We are providing guide wires with ball tips and without tips. The guide wires are provided with a flat surface for taking hold for withdrawal. We are also providing transfer tubes for guide wires. To start, you must first use fixed head reamer. Because it has a starting taper, it automatically aligns with the center at the hole.

   You should use reamers advancing in steps of 0.5mm. We have manufactured reamers from 8mm ø to 15mm ø. Clean the reamers frequently, remove bone debris from the reamer flutes. Do not use blunt reamers. Always use high-torque low RPM power source. We manufacture 400 RPM reaming hand pieces; and 200 RPM also can also be provided on request.

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