Friday, September 2, 2011

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 Manman Wire Driver 

Manman Wire Driver  e, specially designed for K Wire driving with output speed of 1000 (rpm). A special autoclavable motor - tested for 1000 autoclaving cycles - is used for better functioning & to achieve Torque required for Wire driving. 
Compact, light weight (weighing 470 gms) and ergonomically designed grip help user to achieve a comfortable feel, while in operation. The wire driver is designed for a wire diameter range from 1.00 mm to 2.3 mm for all Troker & Bionet wires with or without olive.
    Manman Wire Driver  E is supplied with a Power Console  non Autoclavable - with operating voltage of 220 volts-AC (Input Supply) & a flexible, extra light weight, Autoclavable Power Cable with Stainless Steel male connectors for quick coupling of Wire Driver Hp with the power console. A simple foot operated switch is provided for controlling the On /Off function of Wire Driver for giving the surgeon a complete control of the unit. Speed of the wire driver can be adjusted with 'Speed Control' provided on the Power Console.
        The function of Wire Driver is aimed at helping surgeons minimize their non-operational time. Loading of K wire is simplified with spring loaded cap. Pull the cap ahead & rotate in anti-clockwise direction to insert wire to desired length from front end, then reverse the action & release the cap to hold the wire. Using Wire Driver is a pleasure with a unique function of gripping off wire while driving the wire into bone & automatic release of wire when pulled back. This action saves the surgeon's time & fatigue.
        A detachable guard can be fitted at the rear end of the Hand-piece to cover the revolving end of wire protruding out of it to safeguard the surgeon when operating with extra long wire (14 inches long).  
     K wires of various diameter & length are also available. Standard sizes available are 
K wires of various diameter & lengths are also available. 
Standard sizes available are :
dia 1.5 x 14”  Troker with Olive   
dia 1.5 x 14”  Troker without  Olive
dia 1.5 x 14”  Bionet with Olive  
dia 1.5 x 14”  Bionet without Olive     
dia 1.8 x 14”  Troker with Olive 
dia 1.8 x 14”  Troker without Olive  
dia 1.8 x 14”  Bionet with Olive  
dia 1.8 x 14”  Bionet without Olive  

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